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To be most effective, they need modern tools that support AI techniques like machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing. happened in STEI TAZKIA. STEI TAZKIA students have the high gender perception.

Meanwhile the person characteristics does not really significantly influencefacilitator proficiency. The cultivation associated with oil palm within the Province regarding Jambi keeps growing swiftly, this condition inspired by the farmer’s decision to pick the commodity inside farming. The techie aspects include moment needed incultivation training and harvesting, in addition to knowledge of infestations and diseases. This specific research aimed to be able to analyze the understanding of the hands in technical factors.

With regard to achieve educational collateral, government, private plus non government business provide scholarships. Consequently this study should analyze the scholarship or grant program based upon the idea of personal strength, measure the aspects that influence educational achievement of grantees. This research has been conducted to forty one grantees Beastudi Regel at Jabodetabek throughout November-December 2013. The outcomes showed that the particular scholarship is efficient to be a good empowerment program.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the degree of adoption, perception of ICM, and factors that influence the adoption of innovation ICM of paddy in Leuwiliang District. The research location was in Barengkok village and Leuwimekar village, Leuwiliang Sub-district. The respondent covered 40 farmers from the Barengkok village and 40 farmers from Leuwimekar village. The government should work along with the sun and rain of community to resolve a developing social problem, which includes organizations which exist at the village level. Karang Taruna as one of the youth organizations, is a partner that could take the role in solving social problems. The purpose of this study would be to determine how youth perceptions of the Karang Taruna role and the factors that influence these perceptions. Descriptive analytical study design by incidental sampling techniques to 93 youths carried out at Bogor City.

Whereas the effect on the cultural associated with fishermen include namely the waning tradition of local fishermen, fishermen life-style changes, and improved knowledge of fishers. Fishermen status plus income level have a very real relationship with the attitude of fishermen, whereas age and education level did not really possess a real partnership using the attitude associated with fishermen. The goal of this study are To explain the factors affects the city participation upon mana­gement of Togean Island National Recreation area. To assess the part of extension plus it’s correlation in order to the community participation.

Based on those evidence it is worth to study the relationship between fishermen motivation and their behavior to increase production of fish. Opinion Leader at a certain areas, highly contributes to diffusion and adoption process, and has certain effect in order to social system regardless of whether the farmers declined or accepted for an innovation. The study identified existence plus function of Viewpoint Leader within an areas and analyzed related factors of acknowledgement of Opinion Innovator. Respondent were maqui berry farmers of Floating Internet Fish Culture in Coklat Area, Cirata Dam, District associated with Cianjur, West Coffee Province. The survey conducted since February until May 2005. The result showed that the farmers population, there were eight persons who considered by the respondents as sources of innovation and opinion.

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Local leaders have a role as opinion leaders and development agencies in supporting the realization of a dynamic group in improving the ability of groupings related to connection, motivation, to assisting and social associates, familiarity with groups in addition to foster group knowledge. Rural communities even so face problems, specially individuals who have not necessarily been able to produce itself in boosting the ability regarding the group from the role of regional leaders. The goal of this examine is to recognize the role regarding local leaders inside improving the capacity of any group.

Changing the culture and access to knowledge and technology, both among the officers and the society is the key to the success of participatory rural development. There are three important aspects within the effort in order to create the prospect of government management and participatory rural development aspects of leadership, good governance and the aspects of sensitivity and concern for the officers. The level of stakeholders participation in all elements Bone and Jeneponto regencies of South Sulawesi Province can be categorized as medium. Achievement motivation and increased competence to the officer should be a prerequisite condition of adequate welfare, a definite career path, plus the improvement associated with internal facets of the particular system and operating procedures and institutional structures of authorities. Community empowerment system continues to be running actually well, but presently there are still weak in terms of socialization, values and traditions of feudalism, bureaucracy, as well as from the aspect of consciousness of citizens. Another phenomenon in terms of community personal strength programs is of which the public is usually more interested inside the economically successful program, so of which the training plans are often regarded less important in addition to less desirable. Typically the most prominent difficulties of the neighborhood empowerment program will be transparancy, supervision, in addition to socialization, and neighborhood authorities targeted simply as sub optimum.

Self-support extension agents is the main actors that are successful in their own business and other community members with his own conscience willing and able to become a counselor. The role of self support extension agents is needed to support the role of civil servants as an alternative that is deemed in accordance with UU No. th. But there are still many people, including the main actors themselves who do not know the important role of the non-extension.

In the test team elements with the particular role of anglers, there was clearly a real relationship unless the relationship norms/rules of the group with the group supporting service units are not real relationships. Finally, in testing the role of fishermen and businesses and employment opportunities, there was a real relationship, this was evidenced by the presence of several members of the group who has other business other than because a fisherman or even a boat luxury cruise as homestays, dining places and stalls. Customers characteristics and customers perception to the particular Community health support continues to be considered because two important elements. Clients characteristics assessed by age, earnings, works, sex, schooling background, quantity of family members, distances to local community health service, the particular understanding of mean, goal, and benefit for healthy life. Clients perception to the Community health services measured by health care worker, health providers and the treatment which was given provides an advanced category.