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improving revenue for typically the producers by giving added value to otherwise undeveloped resources. This way, instead of spending money on waste management, those residues could be processed to obtain important compounds with added value that may have several uses.

Economically the existence of the campus provides a multiplier effect on the emergence of various economic activities of the community around the campus. Implementation of green university campus of Riau University by integrating Melayu lifestyle and conservation has contributed to the design of green available space which is usually increasingly widespread in addition to in a position to support environmentally friendly development, especially inside Pekanbaru City. Typically the aim of typically the study was going to examine the effect of heating on the chemical compositions and antifungal properties of nutmeg’s oleoresin. Nutmeg’s oleoresin was obtained by two steps, distillation followed by maceration. The chemical compositions were determined by GC-MS, and the antifungal properties by giant colony method. The result of the study showed that yield was 13. 6%±0. 2% and 24 components were identified. The nutmeg’s oleoresin at 100°C, 120°C and 180°C identified 25, 21 and 20 components.

The convention has become participated by 12 state education personnel education institutions, representatives from the association of 380 private LPTK, and 29 teacher training and education science faculties from throughout Indonesia. In order to boost students’ interest in reading, Supriano gave an example that his party has developed Reference Junior High Schools in the regency and city levels. He explained that as many as 514 Reference Junior High Schools were provided with computer labs that would become learning centers. These guide schools will help other schools in the community and have electronic digital libraries that would certainly provide use of studying interest and is definitely a. Harris explained of which the same like for formal education and learning students, the non-formal education learners likewise need certificates to be able to show that they will have the competencies/qualifications, so they could possibly be recognized to job in other nations around the world. The Director Basic of Early Years as a child Education and Local community Education of Kemendikbud has been functioning using the National Expert Certification Agency in order to ensure that college students from non-formal schooling would meet the particular labor market requirements.

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Full Text Obtainable The amount of client machine applications using each desktop and INTERNET Application makes each user must have got a lot associated with user id plus password that need to be memorized, since each application have to require authentication so as to utilize the program for security causes. Apart from the development regarding network media is usually also growing usage of both wired in addition to wireless.

Data collection methods used in this study is a questionnaire survey method, observation and documentation. The results of the data analysis of the study, participants’ perceptions of the State University of Semarang competence aerobics instructor inside the District associated with Gunungpati in 2013 showed that the particular perception of proficiency Unnes aerobics trainer within the category really well. Perceptions associated with personal competence acquired 92 % within the category of really good, academic proficiency gained 82 percent in the group of very good, expert competence gained 88 % in the particular criteria perfectly plus social competence acquired 92 % inside the criteria perfectly. It can become concluded that the particular competence Unnes aerobic exercise instructor is very good. Full Text Available Several purposes of this research writing are to comprehend marketing activity at a private university in West Jakarta, the relationship between internet marketing with the brand, the relationship between internet marketing and performance of private universities in West Jakarta, and the relationshipbetween the brand and the university’s performance in Western Jakarta. Data are usually taken from forms to the administration from the private college in West Jakarta and were examined using descriptive evaluation and also statistical evaluation for non-parametric Spearman correlation. The outcomes revealed that there was clearly no significant partnership between neither internet marketing and brand nor internet marketing and performance.