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The study was conducted using completely randomized design with two factors namely the addition of fillers and water. The results showed that the addition of fillers and water has significant (P≤0, 01) effect on the water absorption ratio and protein ranges of mung veggie flakes. The most effective remedy was obtained by simply the mung veggie flour without typically the addition of additives with 150% regarding addition water together with water absorption proportion of 204%, normal water content of a few, 7%, protein regarding 22, 01%, starch levels of sixty one, 76%, organoleptic beliefs of aroma of two, 61, color regarding 2, 42, quality of two, 72 and flavor of 2, 83.

The mini WWTP installation uses 3 processing rooms including separation of wax content from liquid waste, stirring with coagulant treatment to separate liquid waste from B3 waste and purification of liquid waste by dealing with biofilter media plus anaerobic bacteria. The amount of BOD plus COD of the particular waste will become measured after and before the particular use of the particular mini WWTP therefore that it will certainly be eco-friendly without having reducing the standard of batik as an assistance for souvenir items typical of Sidomulyo Tourism Village. After that, for those of you, who research about arts with interdisciplinary and perspectives analysis, such as anthropology, history, archeology, cultural studies, philosophy, textual, contextual, social science, media science, and another social approach, we are going to wait for your article. If you need a step by step tutorial for online submission and our journal template, you download it on the right sidebar. If you continue to need assistance along with more information, do not really hesitate to make contact with all of us. Jurnal Pariwisata Terapan is a biannual, peer-reviewed, open entry academic journal dedicated to studies in applied tourism science in Indonesia. JPT invites authors in the field of applied tourism to submit manuscripts written in English or Bahasa Indonesia.

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The method used in this study was a randomized design group consisting of 1 factor, the treatment associated with concentrations of Aspergillus niger 0 milliliters, 1 mL, a couple of mL, 4 cubic centimeters, and 6 cubic centimeters. Then then typically the application of pectinase enzymes produced found in the clarification regarding lemon ginger take in, concentration of 0%; 0, 08%; zero, 10%; 0, 12%; 0, 16%; zero, 20%; and zero. 24%. Your data attained is analyzed by using a printing analysis, of course, if there is effect, then proceed applying BNJ test from a real level of 5%. The results showed that the concentration of Aspergillus niger suspension is best in producing pectinase enzymes of 6 mL, with the enzyme activity of 1. 83 U/ml. Then the application of pectinase enzyme in the clarification of lemon ginger drink with a concentration of 0. 16% better in improving lower clarity and viscosity of the resulting lemon ginger drink.

Only distribution made through this particular platform are approved, with submitting writers required to produce an IJBiotech accounts. Asia Pacific Family members Medicine Journal is really a subject-specific journal centered on the needs associated with individual research areas across all medical medicine and general public health. The diary was established from the World Organization associated with Family Doctors. This program must demonstrate that will faculty members are usually qualified to educate nuclear engineering classes by education, equal design experience or perhaps board certification regarding a professional manufacture depending on typically the program needs. Typically the program must illustrate that a many individuals faculty members will be qualified to teachengineering courses by education and learning, equivalent design knowledge orboard certification regarding a surveyor professional/geomatics engineering. The plan shall demonstrate of which those faculty people teaching courses of which are primarily design and style in content will be qualified to educate this issue matter by simply virtue of schooling and experience or even professional licensure.

JCEF embraces articles in typically the form of analysis articles, review posts, technical notes in addition to editorial notes. That is a four-monthly journal, open-access in addition to published by Universitas Gadjah Mada. JML publish scientific posts i. e. initial article, short conversation and review. Each manuscript should become submitted online through OJS and employs to the creator guideline and typically the template file. Recognized manuscript should move like a suitable protection and standard medical manuscript, the content material and refference high quality.